A Conversation with Sarah Polley

In December of 2022, I had the pleasure of chatting with writer-director Sarah Polley about her new film Women Talking. The film, based on Miriam Toews’s novel of the same name, tells the story of the women in a Mennonite colony coming to grips with the fact that they have been sexually assaulted by the men in their lives, and debilitate while the men are absent from their community about what their options are in order to create better lives for themselves: leave the colony, fight for their own rights, or stay and do nothing.

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My Seven Minutes with Dolly and Emily and Grace: An Interview about ‘Good Posture’

When I was at the Tribeca Film Festival, I had the pleasure of interviewing writer-director Dolly Wells and stars Emily Mortimer and Grace Van Patten prior to the world premiere of their film Good Posture. With the help of my friends at Sheridan College, I was able to share my interview far and beyond – but to say the least this was also some of the most fun that I had talking with the talent behind an equally wonderful film too. You can listen to my interview down below (the actual talk starts 13 minutes in).

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In Conversation with Amanda Kramer: A Talk About Female Perspectives on Cinema

CONTENT WARNING: The following conversation includes talks of sexual assault and toxic masculinity, which may be potentially upsetting for certain readers and listeners.

Following TIFF Next Wave, I had the chance to talk with Ladyworld writer-director Amanda Kramer about her creative process and her many influences. What soon followed was a long conversation about the state of the film industry and how important it is for female voices to climb higher up within in a male-dominant field. You can listen to the conversation below and also read it down below.

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