In the Company of Men and the Roots of Male Insecurity


A darkly comedic film all about how unpleasant it is being in the working place, one that only reflects a harsher reality from showing the employees as they are. This is a film all about the evils present within a space that feels mandatory to the way we all move forward in life and how it breaks human spirit in the process. When you know that already about playwright Neil LaBute’s directorial debut, it already gives you an insight about what watching In the Company of Men will be like – for everything about it that we find so funny also reflects a darker reality that perhaps may be invisible to our own eyes because it is made to feel so normal. The commentary of a film like In the Company of Men would already be enough to set foot Neil LaBute to a promising start as a filmmaker but it’s a shame that ever since he has not managed to live up to something of this level ever since. It’s hard enough to imagine how someone can follow up something that is so rooted in cynicism almost like this, especially being a first film.

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Sully – Review


Clint Eastwood’s best film in many years, something that ended up taking me out of nowhere after the many resentments I’ve had towards some of his more recent entries in a directorial career that has spanned more than 40 years already. It pleases me to say that not only is Sully a good film, but also a great one at that, something that I was waiting long for ever since Unforgiven – the last film of his which I would ever truly call great. Initially, I was skeptical that it would be another biopic going by the numbers and out there to grab Oscar attention, but to my surprise I got something else: one that would use the framing in order to be something more. It was simply what I would have wanted from Clint Eastwood in a while after having rather mixed towards negative feelings regarding his films post Letters from Iwo Jima. Continue reading →