Die Hard – Review


As per Christmas tradition, I always watch Die Hard this time of the year every year. But even when it isn’t the holiday season, the fact we can still watch Die Hard and it holds up spectacularly is what makes it the best sort of Christmas film, but it still remains one of the defining action films of the 1980’s decade and for good reason at that. My own appreciation for action cinema has strengthened over the years after only coming to realize what more could come out of the genre and films like Die Hard represent the best qualities that such films could display. Christmas is never complete without Hans Gruber taking over the Nakatomi Plaza and John McClane saving the day.

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Love Actually – Review

If the title alone was surprisingly not the most condescending thing about Love Actually, then I would have been shocked based on that alone because the course of events that take place in this supposedly charming romantic comedy all live under an illusion. Richard Curtis’s Love Actually managed to earn a reputation as a delightful Christmas treat in some circles and yet, the opening already suggests the general idea that it wants to get across and yet its picture of such idea is where the film falls on its knees. Love is all around, that is said idea, but Love Actually only inspires a hate-filled rage out of me.

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Bob Roberts – Review


Tim Robbins knew what was coming. Back in 1992, the same year in which he starred in Robert Altman’s The Player, he wrote, directed, and starred as the titular character in this mockumentary Bob Roberts – a political comedy which may or may not have revealed something telling about where the nation is set to go. That’s the scary part of the effectiveness of the satire that Bob Roberts is presenting, at first the image that we are looking at is so funny and then when looked at in comparison to world events, suddenly all that humour becomes something more than just a funny moment – it was a warning. It was funny then, but when we look at where we have all gone now, it might not have been so much of a joke as it initially may have been seen as.

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