The Beguiled (2017) – Review


Unlike many other people who’ve also seen the original film directed by Don Siegel I’m not going to spend so much of the review drawing comparisons between said film and this new version as told by Sofia Coppola considering how they’re telling the same story with completely different intentions behind them. It’s easy to admire how Sofia Coppola drastically changes the pace of her own works so that she can set herself out to be a harder filmmaker to pinpoint stylistically, but this isn’t the first time she’s made a period piece – although there’s a certain playfulness that can be detected from her own experiments that allows her to remain distinctive. And although I haven’t consistently loved her work (Lost in Translation still remains the pinnacle of her own directorial efforts to myself), it was easy enough for me to recognize she’s a talented filmmaker to keep my eyes peeled for.


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The Nice Guys – Review


One cannot review Shane Black’s The Nice Guys without saying the term at least once, so it shall be said right here: nice. I’m a fan of Shane Black for the most part (although I greatly dislike Iron Man 3) and knowing what he can perform when experimenting with neo-noir and comedy in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, it seemed he would head back to said roots with The Nice Guys. It was everything I would have expected it to be, and at that, I had quite the blast watching The Nice Guys. I’d already hold trust in Shane Black when it comes to writing buddy cop comedies since it seems what he’s able to present just feels so vibrant in all the glory shining on the screen. Continue reading →