Power Rangers – Review


I don’t carry any sort of nostalgia for the Power Rangers series since I never watched it much when I was a kid but I always recognized its impact during its run. Initially I was skeptical of a new film because of my lack of connection to the series and the generic approach for the marketing but I was made even more skeptical with the notion that we had a superhero who was on the spectrum alongside one who is a lesbian according to reports which contrast what one would remember of the original series. Coming out of Power Rangers, my thoughts could never have been any more mixed rather than what my low expectations would have foreseen. What’s to be said is that it was far better than what first impression may have presented although I’m still unsure how I really feel in the end.

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The BFG – Review


When I watch modern day Spielberg, my skepticism with how they turn out only manages to rise up higher than ever because my enjoyment of his films ever since the 2000’s had begun seems so difficult to come across (the best of his output since then, however, is none other than A.I. Artificial Intelligence). With Bridge of Spies showing itself as a nice rise above where his modern work usually lands, I was hoping that The BFG would be able to play upon the effect that made E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial work as effectively as it did with its sentimentality but instead I found it all the more troublesome as it remains in my head. Sentimentality has always been one of the key elements to Spielberg’s films, and while it works within certain scenarios there are those cases in which it almost feels like it can get too much to a point it becomes a distraction. With The BFG, it sadly falls into the latter. Continue reading →

Sausage Party – Review


A lot is to be expected out of a film like Sausage Party and there’s one extent to which it is certainly providing of what it promises and another to where, maybe it’s just a “been there, done that” moment. That said, I had a blast with Sausage Party and while it’s certainly something I didn’t expect myself to enjoy for it is quite juvenile for my own tastes, I’m not lying when I talk about how much fun I had watching it. My relationship with Seth Rogen’s work is rather interesting, as he’s an actor I have great respect for although his schtick is not something that has always appealed to my tastes. However, when he successfully appeals there, it is easy for myself to have a fun time. Continue reading →