Rampage (2018) – Review


Memories of the arcade game haven’t really faded away from my own memory as I was setting foot into Rampage. No matter how low I can set my expectations for whatever sort of movie that I know he’s starring in, I have to admit that I always admired how Dwayne Johnson is always ready to show that he’s having so much fun no matter what movie he’s taking part of. Now that he’s reuniting with the director of San Andreas for a movie based on an arcade game, I think it’s easy to say expectations would be set. Rampage is a dumb movie, but its own sense of self-awareness makes it far more enjoyable as a film you can turn your brain off to, with the added charisma of The Rock in order to keep oneself from being bored. Although I suppose that given the sort of movie that Rampage was made to be, you can already say that is a good thing.

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San Andreas – Review


The formula to making a film like San Andreas is inherently clear from the moment in which it starts up, giving away the many problems that will soon arise as they continue to plague disaster films. While not particularly something extremely harmful, what is presented in San Andreas is so obviously lacking when it comes to its own intelligence and care for where it wishes to head. What San Andreas displays through the course of its near two-hour long running time is an exercise in laziness that would try to pass itself off as “dumb fun,” but in turn succeed in leaving the audience with nothing else but utter disinterest for what goes on, for at its worst, it is boring. Continue reading →