Neil Armstrong Biopic First Man is One Giant Leap for Damien Chazelle and Ryan Gosling: TIFF Review


I’ll be perfectly honest, the idea of a biopic being made about Neil Armstrong was not something I could so easily be sold on but of course expectations would have been made higher with the fact that Damien Chazelle would be set to direct. Following up on La La Land, Chazelle doesn’t solely focus only on the trip to the moon and back, but the journey right from Earth all about what it would have taken to ensure that the moon landing would be as perfect as it was. But in capturing the life-threatening journey that would have ensured the safety of one man in order to make a giant leap for mankind through as much as a small step on the moon, what Damien Chazelle has created in First Man celebrates how far humanity can go if they really strive to remain together to achieve something that would come to define history.

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It Comes at Night – Review


The title alone would give a clear idea of the sort of mood that It Comes at Night would try to evoke, something that director Trey Edward Schultz had only successfully raised questions about from his own audiences with his new outing. But It Comes at Night isn’t so much a horror film, rather instead just something wearing the genre as a disguise for something smaller: maybe it could be within there something even more terrifying on the inside. The past few years have only proven themselves to be fantastic for the horror genre, and now with Trey Edward Schultz bringing out It Comes at Night, that’s perhaps all one needs in order to find a perfect experience with such a work, adding my own decision just to walk in blind – I’ve only avoided marketing and apparently after hearing about how misleading it was. What came by in It Comes at Night, what I can safely say, was yet another horror film adding to a streak of success that the genre has been encountering recently.

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