The Jungle Book (2016) – Review


While not lifeless, there’s not enough presented by The Jungle Book for me to get on board with. I like the fact that it knows whom it’s geared towards, but what I hate about its acknowledgement is how in turn something more restricted comes about. After Cinderella (which I’m indifferent to) and Alice in Wonderland (which I despise), Disney comes about with another live action remake of one of their classics, and this time, they tackle The Jungle Book. I was hoping for more out of this adaptation because I was particularly indifferent to the original Cinderella film and I was wondering what Jon Favreau could have done with his own spin on a different Disney film, and one which I had more of an attachment to at that. It was certainly something that looked very nice as it should, but trying to find the reasons for myself to get invested was where the real challenge came in. Continue reading →


Eddie the Eagle – Review


There’s a point to which biopics can go play on such a by-the-numbers route, suddenly it makes the subject uninteresting. Eddie the Eagle is exactly this sort of biopic, in which we have the story of its titular athlete, going through specific trials within his life to achieve what he is setting out for, and in the end, we already know he is triumphant. Where does Eddie the Eagle commit more of a sin? It’s a very average film that could have been that, but with the very nature of its averageness, there’s also a level to which it comes off as manipulative. Continue reading →