The Tale is a Difficult, But Important Watch


CW: sexual assault

I don’t know what else to say. There was something that was at the back of my head that has always haunted me for my whole life, and I had not been able to share it because I was so afraid of what people would have made of me since. But as you continue reading this, I want you to imagine this, from my own perspective. During my high school years, I was still closeted for my sexuality and then there came a point in which a nameless face that is stuck in my memory had caught me out of the blue and forced me to strip down and lean against the wall, telling me that if I were queer, I would be feeling something more from his fingers running through my body. I still have memories of the experience ingrained into my head, but at this point I had made myself forget the face because I don’t want it to haunt me. It was haunting enough that it was an act to truly test if I were really a queer, for I had already been threatened to be outed in that moment. I was scared for my life. When I watched The Tale, I already felt so much of the most painful memories flashing right back to me, something I thought I had suppressed so far into the back of my head, and it was all the more difficult.

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John Wick: Chapter 2 – Review


The first John Wick film was a nice surprise to find within the modern state of action films in Hollywood being dulled down by an overtly serious approach to their drama and with a directorial style that feels so aware of the sort of ridiculousness coming along the ride, it felt all the more joyful. John Wick: Chapter 2 is no different, however, for as a sequel it certainly is a perfectly adequate follow-up to a wonderful throwback to what we loved most when we watched action films. In some sense it does exactly what the first film already did but it still carries the appeal with such ease and provides only what could ever be most expected of this sort of experience, a pure definition of fun all around.

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