The Big Lebowski: The Dude Abides Twenty Years Later


It’s hard to pinpoint where the brilliance of the films of the Coen brothers can ever find itself limited because even their weaker films still carry enough of a bite to prevent the experience from being wholly unrewarding. But in these early films they seem to be developing their cynicism all the more and how exactly does it manage to add up to create an endlessly rewatchable ride? First off, you only need The Dude, a soiled rug, and bowling to create the perfect template for a drug-induced neo-noir that only provides more laughs the longer it goes on. It takes only as much as an attitude to make The Big Lebowski one of the Coen brothers’ most distinctive features but at the same time it also proves itself to be their most entertaining movie with such ease. It’s their most entertaining movie because of how well it manages to stick inside of your memory, because it keeps to the attitude and never lets go for as it did say in its own words, “The Dude abides.”

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Wonder Woman – Review


It’s already about time, we finally have received a live action Wonder Woman film. Among many things that surprise me, one that comes out the most is the fact that it had taken this long for the demigoddess to receive her own film and we’ve finally come this far, but at the same time comes the first female-directed superhero film with a female lead, with Patty Jenkins directing for the first time since 2003’s Monster. After the disasters of Catwoman and Elektra, what’s there to be said about Wonder Woman? The most pleasing thing to report is the fact that not only is it just a great superhero movie as a whole and one of the better ones to have come in recent memory, but just a great film all around. After all of these years without having her own live action film, not only does Wonder Woman finally manage to have the spotlight for herself but she’s also set an example for the very highest points of superhero cinema from recent memory.

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