The Godfather – Review


I think trying to deconstruct what it is that I love about The Godfather so much is already its greatest challenge when so much of the praise that it receives is well-deserved. The Godfather is truly one of the greatest films ever made, but trying to type up my own praises was already hard enough when I already have an ingrained fear inside of my head that what I had to say would indeed just be the same as what’s already been said prior. But having the opportunity to see The Godfather in theaters only opened my eyes to something greater as a whole, because it had been less than half a year since the last time I revisited such a dense piece of work, and rather quickly I only found my own appreciation growing – finding so many smaller details catching my attention far more, to that point I can only join in and regurgitate what I know has already been said: The Godfather is truly one of the greatest films ever to have been made.

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Finding Dory – Review


I’ve especially been more critical of Pixar ever since the post-Toy Story 3 days but after a bump back up with Inside Out, it seems they drop down once again by bringing us The Good Dinosaur. Initially I was skeptical of Finding Dory particularly because I have a close attachment with Finding Nemo (it was the first film which I saw in theaters when I was very young), but I was never sure it was the material I would have expected a sequel for. On some level, Finding Dory did prove me wrong but on another, I’m not exactly convinced that Pixar’s track record will ever find itself hitting back to the roots of arguably their most consistent period of quality. It may not be up to par, but considering where they have landed in more recent times, it is a nice bump back up. Continue reading →