It’s a Wonderful Life – Review


Life is a valuable thing. There are those moments where it’s set to disappoint, yet there’s still hope to be had, It’s a Wonderful Life reminds us why we should keep hope. It’s a cliché Christmas tradition to watch this every year, but it’s easy to see why. There are those moments where we feel insignificant (and they come back to me then and there), but a reminder is sometimes necessary that in fact, we might have a bigger impact than we’d imagine. Frank Capra’s film bombed during its first run, but its popularity just grew so suddenly. The wonders still capture me upon every viewing, and despite my usual pessimism there’s always something good turning back to the joy that is It’s a Wonderful Life. It reminds a person like myself that there is always something good to look out for, even when we are shrouded with bad.

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