Mother! – Review


As far as my own opinions of Darren Aronofsky have gone, I think it’s clear enough that I’m not a fan. I like only two of his films (The Fountain and The Wrestler) whereas the rest seem so drenched in showing off how distinctive they are to the point the experience would become agonizing. And it was among many reasons I greatly disliked Black Swan because oftentimes Aronofsky isn’t hiding narrative choices that often resemble better works under a layer of weirdness that ultimately adds up to nothing. But what exactly does one get if they can imagine all the worst qualities of Black Swan cranked up to the maximum? The final result of that is Mother!, because it almost feels like being pummelled by everything about him as a director that continuously has annoyed me.

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The Truman Show – Review


Peter Weir’s high-concept The Truman Show shows another side of Jim Carrey to his viewers, a face who was more easily recognizable through comedic roles going from Ace Ventura to Dumb and Dumber. If The Truman Show, however, were not Peter Weir’s best film (that honour goes to the exquisite Picnic at Hanging Rock), it might also be his funniest one, also in the sense that he has indeed created a clever attack upon running governments within the form of a reality television show that is taken to the extreme. Where I’ve no doubt lies therein, The Truman Show, as the following decade has approached, became one of the most important films of its own era.

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