Marketa Lazarová – Review


At least a year has passed since my first viewing of Frantisek Vlacil’s Marketa Lazarová and I still struggle with how to put words together in order to describe something of this sort. When I first laid my eyes on Marketa Lazarová, my initial reaction was that I needed to watch the film once again in order to fully grasp what it left upon me. Ramblings aside though, the best way that I can come up with on the spot to describe what sort of a product is Marketa Lazarová is otherworldly. I was in denial from my first watch that it was a product of the human mind, but somehow, Frantisek Vlacil came out with such beauty I can’t exactly describe properly for all I’d want to do is just watch the film once again. Each time, my only wish is that I could get a bigger grasp at what’s at hand, but it is especially difficult when talking about the sort of journey that Marketa Lazarová provides. Continue reading →