Big Hero 6 – Review


I’ve always grown up a big fan of Disney but Big Hero 6 was, much like Frozen, a title amongst their recent catalogue I was never compelled to rush out to see in theaters on its first day. There was an idea that came by to which I was vaguely interested in the product, for the fact it was based on a Marvel comic at least had a clear calling for subversion because of the fact that the times are being overpopulated with superhero films (especially the Marvel Cinematic Universe, whose films have gone amidst a pattern that has only grown tedious). It was clear that Pixar has managed to turn such rules around on their own knees when The Incredibles had come out ten years prior, and now with an actual Marvel source, where did Big Hero 6 end up landing? It was only in part what I feared it would be. In some sense a subversion and another, the same old superhero film I’m tired of.

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