The Truth is, Truth or Dare Sucks


Blumhouse Productions is a blessing for small-time filmmakers considering how much of a profit they manage to score for films that are made on low budgets. But because of how many films they produce within a single year, it is never easy to predict whether or not these films will be good, let alone great ones. Once in a while, you’ll get a good film let alone a great one like Get Out (which I believe to be the studio’s best outing thus far) but their large output would never guarantee consistency – and that brings us to Truth or Dare. This film, known by its own advertising as Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare, is yet another dull supernatural horror film that never seems to understand the demographic that it’s aiming for nor how to play even by its own rules – but given its own label there’s so much of this that could work if only it was played like a pulpy exploitation film. Sadly, that is not the case here.

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The Edge of Seventeen – Review


High school films have never been my cup of tea, so naturally I would have wanted to skip The Edge of Seventeen – only to have been proven wrong the moment I actually watched the film for myself and it hit home even more from then onward. Kelly Fremon Craig’s directorial debut is not a teen film, it’s a film about teenagers overcoming a sense of themselves and finding comfort, one that hits on many more authentic notes especially in catching on awkwardness that arises when one is at the point where they must free themselves from control and become more independent – something I caught onto rather quickly, and from there on I knew I would enjoy The Edge of Seventeen much more than I initially expected.

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