How Do You Know – Review

James L. Brooks is a director I find to be extremely hit-or-miss (the only film of his that I have loved as of yet is Broadcast News) but usually I’ve always found in what I’ve seen of him, there’s always a single performance that keeps everything watchable (I for one was not a big fan of As Good as It Gets in spite of fantastic performances from Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt). How Do You Know is the very lowest I’ve come across from him and while not nearly as insufferably irritating as the advertising might have made it look, there’s little to nothing offered that could lift any form of life out of this from higher ground. Continue reading →


Broadcast News – Review


I have a very hit-or-miss relationship with the films of James L. Brooks (although I admire his television work, notably The Simpsons) but among his own output, the one film that I feel stands out amongst all the rest is none other than Broadcast News, which showcases his writing at some of its very finest and most human. Similarly what we’re also offered is a biting satire of what happens behind what makes the media under the guise a love triangle forming from the three leads, all of whom are nothing less than absolutely charming as they take up the screen, it’s absolutely wonderful where all of this leads to because it breaks away from being your ordinary romantic comedy. Continue reading →