Moana – Review


One of my own closest friends as a result of social media was a girl of Polynesian descent. She told me at one point that she was more excited for Moana than she was any other Disney film because she loved seeing the fact that her culture would have been put into the spotlight for a wider audience to witness. When I watched Moana, I was always thinking of her – a number of memories flashed back right in front of my own face, and soon I was thinking about how she would have felt to have seen Moana. My only guess is a bright smile is set to come from her, for Moana got one out of myself.

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Zootopia – Review


I guess it’s easy to say that I’ve found a way to get kids to come to appreciate film-noir when they get old enough in Zootopia. Disney’s own love letter to classic film-noir might probably be the best animated film to have been offered by them in recent years, one film that certainly came out of nowhere for I expected nothing more than cutesy fun at least from the look of the ads, only to find something touching more to my sensibilities from the noirish atmosphere, to an extent even drawing me back to the work of Raymond Chandler, drawing me to admire what I got even more than what I have presumed. Continue reading →