Angel Eyes – Review

Having the romance genre serve as a backdrop in order to hide the horrid morals presented can feel especially obvious if the tactics to gain an audience’s reaction are so blatant. I knew from this aspect alone, given how Angel Eyes was handled, that I was set to hate the film (and what a surprise, I loathed it). It is so easy to pinpoint where everything in Angel Eyes starts falling apart the moment in which Jim Caviezel stares at Jennifer Lopez while she is pinned to the ground. I never expected something that would nearly be half as trite as what we were offered but Angel Eyes only began to make me madder from there. This is a film where almost everything it has going for it fails down spectacularly – into something deplorable. Continue reading →


The Thin Red Line – Review


Terrence Malick breaks a twenty year hiatus by presenting audiences with The Thin Red Line, a poem set during WWII beautifully detailing the humanity of the soldiers from C Company and their trial amidst the Battle of Mount Austen. Where The Thin Red Line becomes a truly special film to experience arises from how it is no ordinary Hollywood war film, but in some manner, a universal tale that in the end creates a beautiful resonance within one’s mind. At near three hours, Terrence Malick takes his audiences on a journey amidst the lunacy that would be present within the war and in the end, an easy contender for the best WWII film of all time. It may not be my favourite of the sort, but when talking about such, it certainly is not a film that I would leave out. Continue reading →