‘Giant Little Ones’ Review: A Decent Queer Coming-of-age Drama With Little New Ground to Cover


Keith Behrman’s Giant Little Ones is a coming-of-age film that tells a story of the fears of coming out of the closet and one that also explores the concept of sexual fluidity. While it’s commendable to see a film that embraces the fact that these concepts are not the binaries that society paints them out to be, Giant Little Ones also seems to feel a little bit lacking everywhere else. That’s not to say Giant Little Ones is bad, because it’s a fairly decent film on the whole but it seems to lack what would otherwise have made it a great film despite having all the ingredients that would have made one. For a film that has all the potential to create something greater or more meaningful for younger people still trying to form a better understanding of the spectrum upon which we find ourselves best feeling a sense of identification, it seems to feel so limited even in its scope – thus it never really sticks its own landing. It’s cute enough to warrant a single viewing, especially among younger viewers who are still coming to terms with understanding core aspects of their own sexual orientation, but it seems to struggle with finding the footing of its own.

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Lights Out – Review


Had I watched this even with the lights on, I would not see Lights Out being anything more than just pure mediocrity. Initially I had been turned off from watching Lights Out primarily because I disliked the short film which it was based on, but a few decent comments had me convinced to give the feature-length expansion a shot. To my surprise, I also found Lights Out to be much better than what I would have suspected based on the impression the short film had left me on – but I can’t say that’s saying very much. Like the short film it’s based on, the most fitting short summary I can come up with on the spot was that it’s a pure waste of a concept. I would say I was disappointed but in truth I had a bad feeling it was coming. Continue reading →

The 5th Wave – Review


Young adult science fiction seems to be a case that just presents the same sort of stories with the same overdone drama on repeat. The 5th Wave is another one of those cases, and especially in moments where it tries so desperately to be different, it’s rather evident that it’s only continuing to fall back on its own face. There wasn’t so much of an attempt to set itself apart present and all that came out of The 5th Wave was just something utterly generic and horribly bland, nothing else but the intense feeling of boredom was running down my face. Continue reading →