Badlands – Review


Terrence Malick is a filmmaker whose work has divided audiences all across the board, for there are people who would argue his work is meaningless babble with beautiful imagery and others find poetry inside of his visual storytelling. For the most part, I lean towards the latter and with his debut feature film, Badlands, it feels like so much has been accomplished on the spot even for a filmmaker developing his style. Arguably, this is Terrence Malick’s most accessible work but a certain quality to it has always had me drawn in from the first frame all the way down to the last which always had it standing out in my eyes as a work of beauty. It carries a specific gracefulness that I only wish Malick has been sticking around with as he made more films in the future and even if it were not my favourite of his, it only established something promising coming for the Texan filmmaker.

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The American President – Review


You’d expect quite a lot with the promise that a script from Aaron Sorkin can imply but The American President is a perfect example of material where I’m not so sure he’s well-suited. I’ve been a fan of the writer especially when it comes to how quickly he writes down the dialogue to his films for they always move at rapid fire and while those specific Sorkin trademarks are present, there are moments to which The American President are more interesting than most of what’s left behind but as it stands, I was simply left cold with what I received. Continue reading →