The Fisher King – Review


The Fisher King is one of those movies that really feels so messy but in the end it’s such a wonderful mess. It’s messy in the sense that it is also using this nature to itself in order to fully embrace what it is about. And at that, there’s still more wonder to be found within Terry Gilliam’s The Fisher King. Sure, it’s no Brazil but it’s one to win the heart of even a cold soul like myself. It’s the sort of lack of balance that works to such an amazing degree. Considering how it would have come off for me at first glance as something that shouldn’t work, yet the whole time I couldn’t help myself. It was just nothing short of playful, and somehow, it managed to work its way to becoming both joyous and emotionally hard-hitting at the same time, and never does it fall down to the levels of cheap sentimentality – something that I know Gilliam would never stoop down to. Continue reading →