Only the Brave – Review


Joseph Kosinski’s eye for visuals has always been more interesting than his actual narratives and it was among many reasons I was rather skeptical before coming into Only the Brave. But I had known nothing about the actual story that the film was based on and when I sat down to watch it, I must say, I was taken by surprise. I was taken by surprise at how tragically the actual event had turned out to be and how the film handled such an event, because I had no real expectations before I had come into Only the Brave. All that I recognized from the marketing was Joseph Kosinski’s name and the most I could ever really make of it, it’s a true story – I had thought it only seemed melodramatic. Even worse, the title seemed rather distracting around its subject matter. But for what it’s worth, it’s as fitting a tribute to the hotshots as they can receive.

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Get a Job – Review


If it hadn’t been clear to the studios already, it says a lot when a movie is shelved. Apparently, Get a Job was shelved for a total of five years and after it had just been released, it’s understandable. Get a Job isn’t exactly a film that is worth getting angry at, because even for how much many of the jokes simply don’t land, there’s just nothing even being committed. If I were to think of another film that just practically had no sort of aim, The Do-Over would come to mind but unlike said film, Get a Job doesn’t feature some sort of an offensive excuse to shove in some sort of plot. All we are really being presented is a series of jokes failing to land one after another, somehow managing to sustain a running time of eighty two minutes, which it wastes shamelessly. Continue reading →