The 91st Academy Awards: Comments and Concerns

It has been an absolutely astonishing year for the cinema. But for as amazing a year as 2018 had been, we’re also left with facing one of the most insulting awards seasons to have come by in recent memory. You’d think that given last year’s set of nominees they actually would have been growing progressively better, especially having given a film like Moonlight the top honour for the 2016 ceremony (and a well-deserved one at that), but after the Golden Globes came by, I was already worried that we’d already be in store for one of the absolute worst in recent memory. To think that the Oscars would already have gone far beyond that “popular film” award in order to try and raise their viewership, as if the ceremonies themselves haven’t already been stale enough (i.e. overlong montages praising the industry and shallow activism that amounts to nothing), who knew that we’d be in store for one that was so out of touch – particularly in last year’s amazingly bad timing (with it being only barely ahead of the Olympics rather than in February like they usually were)? As a supposed celebration for the cinema comes by within the year, there are many things here to be concerned about.

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Green Book Review: An Entertaining, If Hokey Tale of a Near-Impossible Friendship


Despite their sense of humour not always being the most tasteful, I can’t help but admit that I’ve had a soft spot for some of the films by the Farrelly brothers and seeing that a new film was to be directed by Peter Farrelly solo, maybe there was already something interesting set to come along the way. Being a more dramatic turn for the sole Farrelly brother, Green Book is a film that already evokes the feeling of being made to garner awards attention and given the subject matter, there was already a part of me that was set to become skeptical of what the film would have become. But perhaps those expectations would have ended up leading to the film actually pleasantly surprising me in Green Book, for it’s also been rather easy for me to get skeptical of films that end up winning the People’s Choice Award over at the Toronto International Film Festival (beating out If Beale Street Could Talk and Roma). It’s the definition of a crowd-pleaser, in part to its own benefit and maybe even to a bit of a hindrance.

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