Snowden – Review


I am not a big fan of Oliver Stone. While I admire his willingness when it comes to what subjects he wishes to tackle and how closely dedicated he seems to be towards what he chooses to tell, there’s a common problem I find with his work especially when it tries to tell a story within said area: they feel so one-sided. So when the idea came about that he was set to direct a film about the life of Edward Snowden rather quickly after Laura Poitras covered him in her documentary Citizenfour, two things came to my mind: 1) why is a biopic about him being released this soon after Citizenfour, and 2) do we really have enough information about Edward Snowden to make a biopic this instant? It made clear to me why Snowden was a pointless film.

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Suicide Squad – Review

Walking out of David Ayer’s Suicide Squad left such a bitter taste in the mouth, the taste that I was not hoping for in the slightest. I can certainly say without any hesitation that Suicide Squad is indeed better than Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, but since most things fall under that area, that’s not saying very much unfortunately. Excitement jumped up a bit more after a surprisingly positive reaction towards Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but it seems to be quite a lucky hit now that I come to think of it. I saw potential rising from the idea that David Ayer, a filmmaker with an extremely gritty style could bring a new turn for superhero films, but I don’t even know if I can say what I saw was close to being a David Ayer film. The tagline alone promised the “worst heroes ever” and maybe there was an extent to which it did live up. Continue reading →