Only the Brave – Review


Joseph Kosinski’s eye for visuals has always been more interesting than his actual narratives and it was among many reasons I was rather skeptical before coming into Only the Brave. But I had known nothing about the actual story that the film was based on and when I sat down to watch it, I must say, I was taken by surprise. I was taken by surprise at how tragically the actual event had turned out to be and how the film handled such an event, because I had no real expectations before I had come into Only the Brave. All that I recognized from the marketing was Joseph Kosinski’s name and the most I could ever really make of it, it’s a true story – I had thought it only seemed melodramatic. Even worse, the title seemed rather distracting around its subject matter. But for what it’s worth, it’s as fitting a tribute to the hotshots as they can receive.

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The Covenant – Review

It wouldn’t be easy for me to describe how exactly The Covenant is just failing on so many levels but so little of any worth actually ever takes place in such a film, it’s not even worthy of a laugh. As The Covenant kept going on, there was only one expression that ran down my face the whole way through as such a displeasing experience was only left to continue. If there is something about The Covenant that I’m at least thankful for, it would be the fact that it’s relatively short, because if this dreadful film had to last any longer I would have killed myself fast enough – a good summary right there of just how poor almost everything inside of The Covenant truly is. Continue reading →