Stop Making Sense – Review


“Home is where I want to be / But I guess I’m already there” I thought as my favourite Talking Heads song was playing in Stop Making Sense. I first watched Stop Making Sense without any knowledge of Talking Heads despite having sporadically heard their songs on the radio, but after watching the film, they became one of my all-time favourite bands in a flash. Nevertheless as I watched Stop Making Sense I was in awe of its production: I could never have imagined any other concert film out there much like it. Among many things that I’m fairly certain of, Stop Making Sense is truly a flawless production on all grounds but it seems that there is also a greater force of life coming out of the screen from watching this. This was one of those rare instances I immediately watch a film once again after my first viewing many years ago, because this sort of music could never possibly make me feel more alive.

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