Jaime’s Film Diary: March 15, 2020

As expected, I’ve been keeping my Letterboxd up to date – so here’s yet another update for here in regards to what I have been watching as of late.

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David Gordon Green’s Halloween Sequel is the Push the Franchise Needs Now: Review


Retconning the previous sequels, David Gordon Green follows up John Carpenter’s original film forty years later with Jamie Lee Curtis returning to the role of Laurie Strode. If there’s anything to be said there, Jamie Lee Curtis certainly hasn’t lost a bit of what it is that we’ve loved about Laurie Strode over the years, but of course it only fits that so many years since the original Halloween we would have a radically different approach to her character after the trauma that she had endured after her friends were killed in cold blood by Michael Myers. Yet of all people who would be perfect enough to bring Laurie Strode a perfect return to the big screen, it had to be the people behind Eastbound & Down to allow it to be every bit as graceful as it should sound. As odd a combo as it may sound to have Green, Danny McBride, and John Carpenter working together, it strangely works.

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