Nobody Knows – Review


I’ll apologize beforehand in regards to what one will find themselves reading if it drives away from the film itself, but the moment a thought comes by when I want to talk about the impact of Hirokazu Kore-eda’s Nobody Knows upon myself, I cannot help but tear up, and within a word I write about what has been captured here, and it affects me in a manner that almost felt so personal to myself. But before I start rambling, it is already hard enough trying to find where I should begin when I want to talk about Nobody Knows, one that I find so difficult to revisit because these feelings pain me so much. Whenever I come back towards my favourites of Kore-eda’s pieces, I always find something to them that provokes such a response and it is never easy for myself to recap what the experience does for me. Nobody Knows is yet another film reminding me of these pains. Continue reading →