Ghost in the Shell: An Unwarranted Controversy(?)

Originally from There Will Be Cinema. The full entry can be found down below.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a plea to continue whitewashing and we are in no way celebrating intolerance. This is not a piece to be used to further hateful rhetoric.

This week, the American live-action adaptation of Ghost in the Shell hits the big screen and lots of great vitriol has come out about the casting of Scarlett Johansson playing Major, instead of an Asian-American actress.

The word “WHITE-WASH” has been the film’s scarlet letter since the stars were announced.

While a lack of diversity is already problematic in Hollywood, one thing that begs the question when it comes to this controversy is that if any of this even warranted?

It’s not like the film itself even intended to replace the original film on all grounds.

Most of the cast is vasty diverse in fact, like a melting pot but set in a cyber punk dystopia, it’s just a shame they…

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