The Bad Batch – Review


Although I wasn’t so much a fan of Ana Lily Amirpour’s debut film A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night I had a great feeling from the style that she would only build up to become something more but from her second feature, The Bad Batch, I’ve only found myself growing increasingly cautious in approaching her future work now. For as much as I found myself able to admire A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night as a form of visual experimentation, there seemed to be something far more restrictive coming in regards to what The Bad Batchwas trying to do with its own narrative – for at its worst it either becomes needlessly disgusting or outright boring, yet at its best we have a charismatic performance or two. If anything felt more fitting in describing what The Bad Batch felt like, it was an exploitation film that seemed to overreach beyond what it really was at its core.

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A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night – Review


There’s promise here, I can give it that. Yet even with the very idea behind it, what was extremely lacking is the investment within its substance. Don’t get me wrong, what I like about the film is the fact that at least there’s an idea where it wants to go, but I feel so much hinders it from even achieving that goal in the first place. I really didn’t want to go and call this a bad film, I really didn’t. Sadly, the massive disappointment I’ve felt watching A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night led me down to just one thought once it concluded: it simply is a bad film. It looks great, but on another level, the experience which I had with A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night simply left me cold. Continue reading →