All About Eve is One of the Best ‘Best Picture’ Winners


It’s interesting how your own perspective on an introductory scene for one character changes completely as you are being told a whole other story about how they got to that very point in their lives. But that’s the very least of what makes Joseph L. Mankiewicz’s All About Eve work so perfectly as it does, for it all starts with the title, giving you an idea of where the film’s narrative draws a sense of motivation. Then one can already go on about how this film is visually set up, because what comes forth is something so stunning – you already feel the cynicism of such a picture running down your skin. Even with the film’s decades old setting, so much about All About Eve still rings as being relevant in today’s world, because the film has aged like fine wine – whether it be in its cynicism towards the concept of self-image upon building yourself up as a celebrity.

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The Ten Commandments – Review


It took me long enough but only now I had finally gotten around to watching Cecil B. DeMille’s final success of The Ten Commandments. Around the Easter season this film always plays on television but I’ve never actually convinced myself to watch it all the way through because I always found the length to be intimidating and coming around to a Hollywood Biblical epic has never been a great priority of mine. It’s easy to admire the craft behind some of these films (Ben-Hur for one I do believe is excellent as it stands), but it can be hard enough wanting a desire to revisit these films. I was fearing exactly that before watching The Ten Commandments but after having finally finished it from start to finish, I think it’s safe to say that I’m glad to have actually watched it for once – although I’d imagine seeing it on the big screen would have been a better experience.

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