2016: The Standouts

It’s inevitable that after a passing year one must go about with talking upon what they’ve witnessed while time had gone on and with 2016 gone, a great year of cinema has indeed passed upon us and we’re only hoping for even more with a new one. In this blog entry, what I wish to cover are some of the best and worst films that I caught all throughout 2016 as of February 25, 2017. Continue reading →


Star Trek Beyond – Review


I’m not a huge Star Trek fan personally. I was always rather indifferent to the series (even though I admittedly quite love The Wrath of Khan) but when the series hits its highest points, it’s usually rather interesting what pops out. With Star Trek Beyond I was admittedly rather skeptical because I was not particularly fond of J. J. Abrams’s takes on the series and now with Justin Lin behind the camera, there were only two things that I could expect knowing that a radically different approach were going to be made with the series. Either it could go down the path to which Lin chose to suit the Fast and the Furious films (which I’ve never been to fond of) and in turn head down a much worse route or bring a kick of energy to the franchise that could grab my interest. Thankfully, Star Trek Beyond leaned toward the latter, even if it suffers what the previous reboots suffered through at the same time. Continue reading →

Green Room – Review


Brutality on film has never been shown to us more recently in the manner that Jeremy Saulnier shows audiences with his latest offering, Green Room. A relentless thriller that is never afraid to reach the extremes, but never exploits these extremes for its own sake, just the amount of tension it manages to rack up within a rather short running time is absolutely incredible. It’s never easy to tell what sort of turns Green Room is set to take, but it adds more to the incredible experience that is set to come. This was most certainly one of the best theater experiences I’ve had in a long time, and I’m eager to watch it again at some point. Continue reading →