Víctor Erice’s ‘El Sur’ May be Incomplete, But Its Power Still Resonates Deeply: A Review


Víctor Erice’s El Sur is one of the most beautiful coming-of-age films ever made, but it was only half of what the director had initially planned out. Yet even though we never saw the complete film, it still feels like a fully accomplished effort the way it is, and makes a case for how beautifully painterly the Spanish filmmaker’s style is. From watching Erice’s films, whether it be this or The Spirit of the Beehive, it’s easy to feel as if you are transported to another era, watching everything happen just as if you were there to witness all of this for yourself. But from watching El Sur, there’s a beautifully resonant quality that stretches far beyond the look of the beautiful cinematography but also in just how it portrays the nature of growing up. There was a point to which I found myself watching what I thought could have been a life that could have been just like that of my own, one that was only built upon by the discouragement placed upon me by a lifestyle that is only ever set to provide nothing but disappointment after another. But there’s a sense of optimism that Erice promises you that only makes El Sur so much more endearing, you could only ever come out wanting to look back on what more you could do with the time you have left.

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Paris, Texas – Review


Gracefully slow-moving, much like the flow of the course of life, what Wim Wenders creates and presents in Paris, Texas is one of the most beautifully moving tales that I’ve come across in my whole life so far. Yet reviewing the film was always a struggle, for I get a different perspective on it every time I watch it, but one mutual link between all viewings is that I always come out satisfied. And it’s not merely being satisfied to the degree it’s only a good film, because something as astonishingly gorgeous as this means so much more. Paris, Texas only grows to captivate me more upon each revisit, and it’s a feeling I can’t possibly describe any better. A feeling that comes only from experiencing the power left behind by Paris, Texas and not merely from alone just watching the film take place on the screen. Continue reading →