2016: The Standouts

It’s inevitable that after a passing year one must go about with talking upon what they’ve witnessed while time had gone on and with 2016 gone, a great year of cinema has indeed passed upon us and we’re only hoping for even more with a new one. In this blog entry, what I wish to cover are some of the best and worst films that I caught all throughout 2016 as of February 25, 2017. Continue reading →


Tangled – Review


The tale of Rapunzel was never one that appealed to me even as a kid, but after seeing what The Princess and the Frog had managed to do with its own spin on the story of the same name, I figured that Tangled might be something else to add to their own streak of success. Disney’s 50th animated feature is not something that we can recognize only as merely just the tale of Rapunzel anymore but in the same manner to which The Princess and the Frog is striking back towards their Renaissance era by adapting a well-known story for the screen, Tangled plays upon Disney’s old tradition which has always suited their work during such period so perfectly and as a result creates an entertaining final product.

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Zootopia – Review


I guess it’s easy to say that I’ve found a way to get kids to come to appreciate film-noir when they get old enough in Zootopia. Disney’s own love letter to classic film-noir might probably be the best animated film to have been offered by them in recent years, one film that certainly came out of nowhere for I expected nothing more than cutesy fun at least from the look of the ads, only to find something touching more to my sensibilities from the noirish atmosphere, to an extent even drawing me back to the work of Raymond Chandler, drawing me to admire what I got even more than what I have presumed. Continue reading →