Mulan – Review


I always felt when watching Disney films taking on female protagonists that would eventually be branded as their “princesses,” something more would always come out in a progressive manner that makes these films among the more interesting of their own output. One would know already of my own love for the arcs of Ariel from The Little Mermaid or Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and then we also have the eponymous Mulan, from Mulan. This was yet another Disney film that I always had a rather fond of when I was a child that I haven’t seen since those years, but to see my own enjoyment of it has never faded away made me smile like always.

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Lilo & Stitch – Review


After Disney’s Renaissance era had ended, the studio has tried moving onto creating original ideas (and clearly having a rocky opening through the good like The Emperor’s New Groove and the bad like Dinosaur) but something that was ever as ingenious as what has been left behind in Lilo & Stitch is still something of a rarity for most animation studios today. If I were ever asked to list down which of Disney’s offerings since the 2000’s have stood out amidst the bunch, Lilo & Stitch is another one of the first that would be coming to mind. I had fond memories of watching Lilo & Stitch when I was much younger and maybe a growing sense of nostalgia had come back to me, but after years of not having seen it – something snapped into my head that only convinced me what it was I loved about it then and what I love about it now.

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