‘Bamboozled’ Review: A Brilliant Satire That Hits You Like a Sledgehammer


Spike Lee’s Bamboozled left many audiences feeling befuddled when it came out, but in the years that have passed it also remains so heavily relevant, which is a sentiment that still rings true even today. Being his own riff on Sidney Lumet’s Network, an already timeless satire as is, Bamboozled exemplifies Spike at arguably his most confrontational since Do the Right Thing. Yet with that having been said, for the film’s initial release in 2000, it seemed as if audiences were not ready for what Spike Lee had opened up moviegoers to; although now seems like a perfect time to look back at what may also be Spike Lee’s most underrated film. Misunderstood upon its initial release, this is also not the first time a joint by Spike Lee has been the subject of such scrutiny, but to be able to see Bamboozled receiving the re-evaluation it deserves only feels incredibly reassuring.

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