Last Minute Criterion Suggestions from Us

There’s only a few days left of the half-off sale from the Criterion Collection. If you’re a newcomer to the home video line, all of those selections can look daunting and you’ll probably stand there for a good while trying to decide what to get. With nearly a thousand titles to choose from, it’s overwhelming. Don’t worry, two Criterion aficionados have their picks that are perfect for any first-time buyer or if you’re looking for something to spice up your shelf.

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Do the Right Thing: Nearly 30 Years Later and it Still and May Always Feel Relevant


Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing caused an uproar upon its initial release in 1989 because of the fear it would incite race-related riots. In the current political climate, it would be much easier to find films like this being made but that’s only one among many reasons as to why this film works at achieving everything that it sets out for. Watching Do the Right Thingalmost thirty years ever since its release, what catches me is the fact that this film so distinctly feels like it could have been made today and it would still invoke the same reaction that it did back in 1989. This is not a movie that shows itself as one above racism but it is a film that presents an ordinary day in which racial tensions are so prominent, not merely between black and white Americans – because this is not the very limit to which racism can extend itself in our world today. But because it is still so commonly seen under that light, it only makes the impact of Spike Lee’s film all the more clear.


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