Booksmart Review: Emotionally Honest and Wholly Funny Debut Sets Forth Olivia Wilde as a Filmmaker to Look Out For


Like many great teen comedies that have preceded it, Olivia Wilde’s Booksmart is a film that has best defined how a single generation has grown up to become in the moments were they also felt most free. But in the same way that a film like Dazed and Confused would have brought audiences to embrace everything that was glorious about teenage life in the 1970’s, Booksmart brings audiences to witness what best defines the millennial generation – but still remain so wholly endearing especially in how it celebrates everything wonderful about what people have got with the last moments that they have to change their lives, potentially for the better. It’s a wholly relatable feeling that Olivia Wilde embraces in Booksmart, one that’s all too wondrously embraced from start to finish, and it’s also given me more reason to admire her talent. In front of the camera, I’ve always known her as a wonderful onscreen presence but from working behind the camera I can already see a confident filmmaker on the rise and I’m already looking forward to what she’s got in store for the future.

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