The Magnificent Seven (2016) – Review


Antoine Fuqua remakes another remake with The Magnificent Seven, his latest offering thus far. Being a remake of a remake, there’s always room to turn something into one’s own vision and that’s part of what I was hoping for in this new take on the story inspired from Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai, but something about it also feels empty. What happened to the excitement of watching a group of seven fight for good? Sure, there’s fun to be had within certain moments of the film but perhaps they only work because of how the film presents itself out to be as a result of those involved rather than offering much to stand on its own. Quite surprisingly, that is actually not what bothered me most about this re-imagining of the classic tale. Continue reading →


Hardcore Henry – Review

Not going to lie, but given as the fact that the action took inspiration from the films of Neveldine/Taylor, there was a slight bit of interest forming with Hardcore Henry. While I do enjoy a good action film, what I can’t get past is something that I’m perceiving as a glorification of violence on film that shows no consequences, generally it irritates me when it’s passed off as “fun.” In video games, it’s something I give a pass because there’s a consequence that comes afterward, and the notion that Hardcore Henry were indeed a film that is paying tribute to first-person shooter games just rubs me off because seeing an entire movie in first-person perspective like this is just about the same experience as watching someone else play one of these games, and waiting for your turn, it’s unbearably tedious. Continue reading →