Nocturnal Animals – Review


It’s frustrating enough when one of the films you anticipate most turns out to be an underwhelming treat. Fashion designer Tom Ford’s sophomore feature takes a different route from his brilliant debut, A Single Man, and now in a means of broadening his stroke he takes Austin Wright’s novel Tony and Susan and adapts it to the screen as Nocturnal Animals. I really hate being that person again but even though I know this has captured nothing but great admiration from fans of Ford’s previous effort but I ended up finding this to be such a disappointing follow-up. With so much that could so easily catch admiration even on my own end, it’s shocking how so little feels delivered.

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Grimsby – Review

It’s been a long while since a movie actually managed to make me physically sick, but Grimsby (known as The Brothers Grimsby in some areas) succeeded in doing so. At its best, Grimsby is a rather boring film, but at its very worst, the lowbrow humour is enough to put off a viewer like myself not only as it was utterly stupid, but the imagery was absolutely disgusting and it’s the sort of crassness that leaves me madder as the film keeps going on. Even at only 82 minutes, Grimsby‘s display of poor taste is enough to leave one angered at all of its pointlessness, it’s embarrassing. Continue reading →