Ghostbusters (2016) – Review


As one who never had a personal attachment to the original Ghostbusters film, I never had any interest from the widely disliked trailer which left a bad impression upon myself. What managed to draw my attention, however, was the extreme backlash especially from fans of the original much to the point that Ghostbusters of all things would turn into a political battleground, their sides determined by their opinion, an area where a middle ground sadly seems to be nonexistent. One can say they like this film and have themselves called an extreme feminist or an executive paid by Sony (two things I can assure you that I am not) and those who dislike it can be accused of being misogynists. It’s a shame because all I would ever really expect a Ghostbusters movie to be of all things is just a fun ride and at that, I enjoyed myself with Paul Feig’s take. It’s not a great movie by any means but at this point it’s rather sad that such drama has overshadowed the merits which it still contains. Continue reading →


Ghostbusters – Review


I never had so much of a close personal attachment with Ghostbusters in spite of how highly I enjoy it every time I come back to watch it. As a staple of the 1980’s, it shows its age but because of the time period which it is representative of, I’ll give it a pass in that area. Yet there’s still a level to which I do admit that I love Ghostbusters for it still puts a smile on my face, because it delivers what the title promises, it’s spooky and funny. Regardless, it’s interesting just coming back to Ghostbusters after years of not having seen it and within due time, there’s a sort of glory that can be found with the atmosphere to which it creates, which helps in adding up to why it would be seen as one of the comedy greats. It may not be as perfect as its fanbase insists, but as it stands, it is what it promises and nothing more. Continue reading →