Game Night – Review


If only my own game nights together with the few friends I have were nearly half as exciting as what Game Night had shown that they can be like. The most recent film from Vacation directors and Horrible Bosses writers Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley proves itself to be a more entertaining ride than their names would have expected at first. What I expected was something merely silly like the most entertaining comedies can be, only to have been proven wrong by the fact that Game Night is being treated like an actual game night and as the pieces of the puzzle are being put together, the enthusiasm rises up on the spot. That’s the best thing that you can also say about Game Night, it’s about as energetic and feels competitive like an actual game night with friends.

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Office Christmas Party – Review


You can already look at the title “Office Christmas Party” and soon it’ll spell out where your expectations are going to be set. But even with a low bar being set in stone, Office Christmas Party still somehow manages to disappoint. You can’t seriously look at a title like “Office Christmas Party” and expect anything more than a crude sex-crazed comedy about a party that happens to be within an office setting during Christmastime, but even on that level it doesn’t seem like it has enough to sustain its running time of 105 minutes. At the very least one can be thankful enough that it isn’t the sort of mess that Project X was but that’s the most a movie like Office Christmas Party can really be given.

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Zootopia – Review


I guess it’s easy to say that I’ve found a way to get kids to come to appreciate film-noir when they get old enough in Zootopia. Disney’s own love letter to classic film-noir might probably be the best animated film to have been offered by them in recent years, one film that certainly came out of nowhere for I expected nothing more than cutesy fun at least from the look of the ads, only to find something touching more to my sensibilities from the noirish atmosphere, to an extent even drawing me back to the work of Raymond Chandler, drawing me to admire what I got even more than what I have presumed. Continue reading →