A Quiet Place – Review


I can’t help but feel that there’s at least a little bit of irony in the fact that the best film to have ever come into contact with the name Michael Bay would be called “A Quiet Place.” But knowing Platinum Dunes’s own track record with horror film remakes I was skeptical of what A Quiet Place would even be like given its high concept. But to see that something of this very sort would have been written and directed by John Krasinski of all people, I kept thinking of a certain bit from The Office in which everyone was quiet in order to achieve their longest silent streak (which is a very funny bit). I kept thinking of it because Jim led the whole team on that streak, and now here he is, making and starring in a horror movie that takes said bit to a whole new level. And what he presented this time only makes oneself feel so stressful within the moment.

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The Wind Rises – Review


The words “Hayao Miyazaki’s swan song” should be enough to get a fan who was so closely connected to his works (speaking merely for myself in this case) even before having seen The Wind Rises. As a child, together with watching Pixar movies regularly in theaters, I would also find a way to access the films of Studio Ghibli, for they had opened my eyes to watching anime. I remember having seen Spirited Away at the age of 6, and nearly ten years after my first viewing the experience still retains the magic I remember from that moment, and I’ve become a big Hayao Miyazaki fan ever since. It was then, I found how watching The Wind Rises at such a late point after his retirement (I only saw it for my first time last year), it made me feel I wasn’t a fan dedicated enough. It was a beautiful swan song, it really felt like a fitting way for a great artist to tell his followers a heartbreaking goodbye, and the thought of it still brings me to tears. Continue reading →