‘Knives Out’ TIFF Review: Rian Johnson Caper Toys Expectations to the Max


Nobody quite makes caper films like Rian Johnson does. Making his feature film debut in 2005 with Brick, Johnson has already established quite a name for himself in the genre through films like The Brothers Bloom and Looper, before he went on to direct Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Going back to working on a smaller scale with Knives Out, it feels like this is the sort of film that Rian Johnson has always wanted to make for a while – and it really shows. Mixing all of his greatest passions together with his knack for always throwing in surprise after surprise for his viewers, Knives Out only manages to provide far more when you least expect it, and it makes for a wholly entertaining experience. Like all the best thrillers from the classic Hollywood era, it’s clear as day that Rian Johnson is having so much fun with what he’s been given and he knows how to transfer that feeling over to his own audiences too. The knives do come out in this twisty comedy-thriller, but how deep in they go, you’d have to find out for yourself.

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Love, Simon – Review


It feels like natural instinct to go ahead and say that Love, Simon would not look appealing because the trailers would already make it appear more like a cheesy romantic comedy – but for the many years that we have already had many straight romances flourishing, why not a gay one for once? I’m not only saying this as a queer but because I was never expecting much out of Love, Simon to begin with because of said factor. But on that level, I was surprised to have found a more thoughtful experience than I would have initially expected because I had always been skeptical of how the subject matter would be handled for a film that was geared towards teenage audiences. And if this is a sign that more people are willing to allow these voices to be heard, then I am perfectly okay with that.

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