To the Bone – Review


To the Bone, another Netflix original film with Lily Collins (after Okja) presents yet another frustrating case on their own behalf. It’s easy enough for me to say that Netflix’s original features never have been particularly great ones at that, and after breaking away through Bong Joon-ho’s Okja, we’re left with Marti Noxon’s To the Bone. This semi-autobiographical portrait of anorexia makes clear its good intentions, but there’s a Hallmark-esque feeling it leaves behind that only leaves me feeling cold. Sure, it’s better made and better written than films that anything from said catalogue but at the same time it was also what I feared it would be, something that has an eating disorder placed in the center only to be sidelined in the name of a story that has already been told several times before. Suddenly, all my interest has faded away.

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The Conjuring – Review


James Wan’s The Conjuring may not be the most original horror film especially when the superior The Exorcist already exists, but surprisingly what comes out is rather effective. The horror genre is a rather difficult one to perfect but it seems as if James Wan understands what makes the most effective horror films work, at least from an observation of his previous films he has slowly been improving himself. While there’s no doubt that other films have done what The Conjuring is doing much better, what we’re still left with is a rise above most mainstream horror nowadays since it almost seems rather rare to find one that actually works for its position in a lamentable state. Continue reading →