The Exorcist – Review


William Friedkin’s iconic The Exorcist has otherwise set a staple for the horror genre within the years to come for it exemplars what forms a truly perfect horror film. Marketed as “the scariest film of all time,” what follows may not be something that lives up to that title (I never found it scary from day one and to this day I still don’t), but something that excels in its own craft and remains a milestone for horror films of all sorts. Already a showcase in terms of the tremendous special effects, The Exorcist remains a film to define the horror genre for many reasons. Whether one finds it scary or not, to deny the exceptional crafting of such a powerful film is rather ludicrous. It is no surprise as to why it is considered the scariest film of all time in some circles, for even if it may not be my favourite of the sort, it truly is as perfect as the horror genre can ever get. Continue reading →