Early Man – Review


It’s hard to turn down seeing an Aardman feature in theaters because the animation style is so beautiful, yet so simple. But noting that Nick Park hadn’t directed a feature film under their name since he gave Wallace and Gromit their own, I could only expect that Aardman was set to rise up properly after a string of mediocre films that had come along since Flushed Away (with Shaun the Sheep being the notable exception). Was Early Man the rise back to the top that we’d been waiting on from Aardman? Sadly, my answer is no, but that isn’t to say Early Man isn’t terrible but given the high standards that Aardman’s feature films have set since Chicken Run it’s rather disappointing to see that they’ve not been following up with the same level of cleverness.

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Chicken Run – Review


Feel free to throw comments at me that go along the lines of “you never had a childhood” but I don’t care for the films of DreamWorks Animation and at the same time, Aardman’s feature films have always been so hit-and-miss with me in spite of my love for their Wallace and Gromit shorts. As a matter of fact I happen to have watched many of DreamWorks’s animated films during my younger years and while they made for fun watches amidst the time many of them have never held up well aside from a select few. Collaborating with Aardman, two of their three pairings have managed to stand out amongst their track record of mediocrity but Chicken Run isn’t one amidst that bunch as it still remains so clever and it’s still their best film by a mile.

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