The Truman Show – Review


Peter Weir’s high-concept The Truman Show shows another side of Jim Carrey to his viewers, a face who was more easily recognizable through comedic roles going from Ace Ventura to Dumb and Dumber. If The Truman Show, however, were not Peter Weir’s best film (that honour goes to the exquisite Picnic at Hanging Rock), it might also be his funniest one, also in the sense that he has indeed created a clever attack upon running governments within the form of a reality television show that is taken to the extreme. Where I’ve no doubt lies therein, The Truman Show, as the following decade has approached, became one of the most important films of its own era.

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Dead Poets Society – Review


Something gives me a feeling that I’m only going to be all the more frustrated by what Dead Poets Society has left out as I think of it more. A part of me that loves Peter Weir and Robin Williams is begging for myself to love it, but in turn my experiences with Dead Poets Society become all the more frustrating. There are many good intentions to be found within such a film but in turn I can’t help but say this is possibly, if not, the one Peter Weir film that I like the least. For how wonderful films like The Truman Show or Picnic at Hanging Rock are, this and Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World stuck out to me as the most underwhelming entries from his body of work. As it stands, Dead Poets Society is a film that only managed to accomplish half of its goal. Continue reading →

Picnic at Hanging Rock – Review


Watching Picnic at Hanging Rock gives off the same experience as living through a dream, but not so much a pleasant one. Peter Weir’s film isn’t so much a fully cohesive one, but that’s what helps in creating the very dreamlike atmosphere which it establishes and that’s why it’s so haunting from beginning to end. It’s almost as if in a way, you can see something almost David Lynch-esque emerging from the very vibe it gives away despite it coming out before Lynch even started out his career as a filmmaker. The experience always feels new within each watch and it continues lingering in my head, and I only grow to love it more. It’s the sort of nightmare that carries a great sense of beauty to it, captivating at every frame. Continue reading →