– Review


NOTE: My current views on politics have changed so much ever since the election of Donald Trump and thus most of what you would have remembered seeing here will have been altered to match how I feel now.

I think it’s best that I start off this review stating how I feel about feminism. I’m never one to talk about anything political because I know it’s an area that leads to the most fights: for on social media there’s a mindset in some people which we have people being objectively correct in whatever side of the spectrum they’ve landed on, and I’ve lost friends over it. I state this because I like to think of myself as a person who has no political leaning of any sort, because the fights I’ve witnessed made me dislike many aspects of both the left and the right. I’ve started to find myself leaning more towards the left as time passed by, and my understanding of feminism perhaps has led to why I think doesn’t work at all, it’s a misguided piece of filth that otherwise has no idea representing what it believes it does.

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